Various Tips For Newborn Skin Care

Newborn’s skin is delicate and so the baby’s immune system is also. Chemicals, dyes in clothing, fragrances and other baby products can also cause newborn skin irritation, chafing, rashes and dryness. However, there’s much more that can be done to protect your children from skin issues such as kangaroo care method for new mom.

What’s the best thing to your baby’s skin sensitivity? The touch on your newborn’s skin has a nurturing and calming effect and this is vital for the growth of your baby.

Various Tips For Newborn Skin Care
Various Tips For Newborn Skin Care

Skin tips for your baby

Expect spots, rashes and bumps

While your baby is well and perfect, chances are that his skin might not be perfect. Many newborns become prone to skin irritation at the time of their first few months. Here’s how you are able to treat and spot common baby skin issues.

Newborn babies are prone to skin rashes

The good new here is that most of these wouldn’t do any harm to your baby and easily fade away with time. While taking care of your baby’s skin might seem complex to parents, you just need to know a few basic things: Is there a need for medical treatment? Which conditions can get treated at home and how can the baby get prevented from facing skin issues.Various Tips For Newborn Skin Care

Avoiding baby Diaper Rash

If your baby gets red skin around the diaper area, your baby is facing diaper rashes. These problems occur basically due to the skin irritation caused through diapers that fit too tight, wet diapers, detergent irritation or baby wipes. You can avoid it by keeping diaper area open for long. You can change the baby’s diaper as soon it gets wet and wash it through a warm cloth and later apply zinc oxide solution.

Whiteheads and Pimples

Baby “acne” wouldn’t really be considered as acne that teenagers generally get. In, fact according to the recently conducted research it might be linked with yeast instead of oil production. Pimples which are occurring on your infant’s cheeks and nose generally clear up by themselves within a few weeks’ time. So you’ll don’t have to treat your baby acne through lotion.

The skin care process of your baby must begin with the bathing of your baby and proper cleaning, especially of the diaper area. As the skin of your baby is sensitive to the environment around you would need to be careful about the routine of skin care.

taking care of the skin of your baby

Taking care of the skin of your baby

  • You always have to use different products which are specifically meant for sensitive or soft baby skin. You can try out reputed brands in the market. You can use gentle and mild shampoos and soaps which are simply low in harsh chemical content.
  • A baby’s skin also readily absorbs a lotion that you might use on the skin, so you must avoid using strong moisturizers. You require a light cream in winter season.
  • Newborns always need not to be bathed daily, as their whole skin is delicate. Providing your baby with a sponge bath should be more appropriate. A soft cloth can be used for dabbing the body dry. With too much soap your skin can get dried out.
  • Once you are finished with bathing the baby, you can use a soft cloth for cleaning the skin folds carefully. You especially need to be attentive to area behind ears, neck area, diaper area, etc. Applying a little moisturizer here is advisable in case the area is too dry. Avoid bathing your infant during winter season too often.
  • You must be aware that sudden changes in atmosphere may lead to further skin irritation. Hence you must always protect the baby’s skin from strong winds and harsh sunlight. You can make use of a cover shield for the baby while you are travelling.
  • If your infant gets itchy skin during night time, then you can dampen a cloth inside cold water and pat it over the area. You can also use some soothing moisturizer over this area.

Your baby’s skin is delicate and soft to touch and your newborn is now at your home. You’re setting up a daily routine for yourself as well as your baby. The topmost thing on your list is to keep your baby nourished and warm through Kangaroo care method for new mom. So skin care of your baby is just as vital for you.