How Becoming A New Mom Changes Your Life Completely

There are some experiences in life that may catch you off guard. Especially when it comes to motherhood, some mothers stress over failing as a parent, not being able to deliver what is expected off them and though it is natural, letting it take over your life is not healthy. Especially when you are a new mom to your stepchildren and to a newborn, you are bound to come across issues with your stepchildren. Transition to motherhood is never easy, sometimes people fumble, and tumble, and however, you need to pull yourself up every time you fall.

Being A Mom For the First Time - What Happens?
How Becoming A New Mom Changes Your Life Completely

Different Experiences

For a new mom, there are plenty new experiences to embrace. Some might be good ones while there is always a share of dull and low moments too. Some new moms transit into stress, experience exhaustion and some highs and lows. During transition, you have face the losses as well as gains. Some women get so involved into stress that they start doubting their ability as a mother.

On the other hand, a few women take the journey of highs and lows very well and noting seems difficult for them. They are well prepared for the journey and are aware of what is to come; hence, their preparation helps them get through the phase smoothly.

When Experiences Do Not Match Reality

It is not just with motherhood but anything new that you involve in, chances of not expecting the desired outcome are high. Given that you would not know what to expect during the phase, you can face somethings that are very new. In such case, you should not let such scenarios let you down. It is wise to get into motherhood with an open mind and let the frustration sit at bay.

Difficulty of the Process

When you give birth, and if you have left your job for a few months to adapt to motherhood and take care of your baby, you need to get back to work at some point. The phase might seem scary, the thought of leaving your baby back home, managing work, home chores and motherhood etc., all this is bound to irk you, irritate you or even make you worried. In such situations, you should not let it overtake your emotional state. It is perfectly normal and common to experience the dilemma to work and manage home, kids etc. It is another transition and it takes time until it settles down.

Experiencing Partner Clashes

It is very common to see a new mom dedicate herself entirely to her baby. However, some women tend to forget about their relationship with their partner and are busy establishing a good parental relationship. While your baby is satisfying your needs related to being touched and adored, this is something your husband might be missing out on. Therefore, the intimacy between the partners should always be alive and childbirth shouldn’t affect it.

Losing Out on Independence

For most mothers who were once independent, suddenly find themselves losing their independence post childbirth. It is true that there are some very significant changes taking place during and post pregnancy but that should not affect either the parents’ individuality, or independence. Common mistakes committed by new parents often include them giving in too much into parenthood that they miss what they hand, in turn leading to frustration and emotional turmoil.

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Sticking to Clichés

Most mothers tend to find themselves living the clichéd definition of new mothers. In fact, they tend to follow what they have seen breeding in and around them. Even if it does not match the mother is thinking, lifestyle and ideology, some blindly fall for it. This is among the most common mistakes most mothers make. They must understand that even if they follow what their mother hand done during her early motherhood days, it is not necessary to use the same formula.


The best gift you can ever give to yourself is the gift of being a mother. Along with motherhood, especially for the first time around, you will find some difficulties adapting and adjusting to the new chapter of your life. Above mentioned are some common areas that you will come across during the transition phase.