Food That You Should Avoid During Breastfeeding

When it comes to tips for new mom, there are plenty to state. Experts have come up with books suggesting what is good for a pregnant woman and what foods she should avoid in case of pregnancy. Many women who are becoming mothers for the very first time experience a sense of confusion in regards with the type of food that is suitable for them and the food that is not. Some kinds of food as well as beverages are a complete no for pregnant women. This space gives you a good overview on the kind of foods for pregnant souls.

Breastfeeding - Say No to These Foods
Food That You Should Avoid During Breastfeeding


For all those who think that pregnancy is the only time where you need to consume healthy food, then you are mistaken. If you are breastfeeding your baby, the nutrients of the food you consume transfers to your baby via breastfeeding. On the contrary, if you opt for unhealthy food choices, the impact of that will also be evident onto the baby. Hence, you ought to opt for a healthy, well-balanced diet that keeps the mother and baby healthy. Certainly, if you find your baby not reacting well to the feed, then you should avoid the food causing discomfort as some babies might have allergies.Food That You Should Avoid During Breast Feeding

Say No to These Foods

Sometimes you find something very tempting but you have to have the courage to say no to it because it is unhealthy for your baby. There are certain type of foods that are not healthy for your baby, for instance, you cannot opt for gassy foods, and spicy foods too, as they have the tendency to change the color of the milk. Doctors recommend healthy diets to all their patients and it is wise to opt for such well-designed diets.


Well, it is understood that drinking is not good for health. Even if you think you are a social drinker, you were probably asked by your doctor to avoid drinking during pregnancy and you should continue the routine until you stop breastfeeding. Alcohol has very harsh effects on the body and even if adult body type can handle it, when the effects transfer to the baby, it has bad repercussions. Hence, say no to alcohol in all possibilities. In fact, alcohol might lead to reduction in milk production, and in turn causes dehydration.Food That You Should Avoid During Breast Feeding


It is definitely not advisable to smoke, not just during pregnancy, but in general too. It has the possibility to increase risk to the health and if you tend to smoke cigarettes during pregnancy, it tends to carry forward to the baby too. So, the right thing to do is say a complete no to smoking.


If you are tuned in to have a cup of coffee everyday morning to kick start your day, then you would have to let go off it during pregnancy. But, some people wait until childbirth to get back into the coffee routine. However, you should note that coffee during feeding stage is not healthy. It can affect the baby’s sleep, there is a whole lot mentioned about it in knowing amazing baby facts where they quote different facts related to babies and mothers.


Do not opt for spicy food and this should be your mantra for life. A lot of people think they should avoid spicy food only when unwell or in such situations when they are nursing their baby. But, in general, spicy food is no good. In terms of babies, it transfers to the baby in a way that it develops gas for them and causes immense discomfort.Food That You Should Avoid During Breast Feeding

Carbonated Water

Such water contains too much sodium that is not good for the baby’s digestion. Therefore, avoid consuming such water; instead opt for pure water that is risk free for your baby. This will help you from getting dehydrated and at the same time help produce enough milk.


You should take good care of your health not just during pregnancy, but post childbirth too, especially if you are nursing your child. Take plenty fresh fruits, vegetables, and calcium and iron rich foods. Take proper care of yourself and you will transfer the benefits to your baby too. For all those mothers who didn’t know what foods to avoid, above mentioned is a quick overview.