Essential Nutrients For New Born Baby

In order to keep your baby healthy at all times, it is vital that you present your child with the most nutritious food. You need to be aware of the food that you should avoid during breast-feeding, and the things that you should always include in your diet. You need to present your baby with required amount of nutrients so that it removes any sign of deficiency from the body. This articles looks into some of the most essential nutrients that should be given to your baby at all times, especially during the growing years.

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Many doctors present the parents with a clear explanation on why their child should have the right amount of iron intake. As it is stated, iron is very good for brain development, it is in the first year of birth that the brain develops up to 75%, and hence it is a vital nutrient. In fact, most doctors keep tab of iron levels of the mother during pregnancy and placing them on iron substitutes and tablets so that they are fit and passing the same to their child.

However, when it comes to nutrients, you should be aware of what form to use and in what quantity. For instance, whether opt for milk alone or go in for semi-solid foods, you should be careful of the choices you make.


For both kids and adults, you should opt for calcium, as it is one of the most important nutrients and requirements of the body. It helps in preventing the bones from brittleness, which further avoids complications like osteoporosis in the later years. You need just about the right amount of calcium in the body, the amount of course differs from a baby to adults. In the first year, breast milk has a formula that has enough calcium for the baby. Post that, you can add 500 mg of calcium per day using other alternatives.



Vitamins are of different kinds, you get vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and last is K. All these vitamins come together and contribute towards a healthy growing and developing child. Every kind has its own set of benefits and based on the baby’s condition, i.e. in case of any deficiency or discomfort, doctors recommend the quantity and kind of vitamin accordingly.

Vitamin A

It is vital for maintenance of skin, vision, healthy immune system, healthy hair, mucus membrane and of course a good reproductive system.

Required Amount:

For age 0-6 months –you need 0.4 milligrams of Retinol Active Equivalent/day.
For7-12 months –you need 0.5 milligrams Retinol Active Equivalent/day.

Vitamin D

You need vitamin D for allowing the body to take in the calcium as well as phosphorous consumption that comes in from the food.

Required Amount:

You need at least 0.005 milligrams/day.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps in proper bloody circulation without leading to any kind of unhealthy clotting.

Required Amount:

0-6 months – 0.002 milligrams/day.
7-12 months – 0.0025 milligrams/day.

Vitamin E

It helps prevent tissue breakdown and protects vitamin A as well as fatty acid.

Required Amount:

For age between 0-6 months –you need 4 milligrams/day.
For age between 7-12 months –you need 5 milligrams/day.

Vitamin C

This type of vitamin helps in catering to different kinds of functions like healing, enhancing bone structure, blood vessels, muscles, healing, cartilage and resisting infections by absorbing enough iron.

Required Amount:

For age between 0-6 months –you need at least 40 milligrams/day.
For age between 7-12 months –you need at least 50 milligrams/day.

Vitamin B12

This is one of the most essential requirements for the proper functioning of your nervous system and it also helps in maintaining the healthy blood cells.

Required Amount:

For age between 0-6 months –you should go in for 0.0004 milligrams/day.
For age between 7-12 months – you should opt for at least 0.0005 milligrams/day.

Vitamin B6

The B6 helps build the body protein, work the tissues and helps aiding fat metabolism.

Required Amount:

Age 0-6 months –you need 0.1 milligrams/day.
Age 7-12 months –you need 0.3 milligrams/day.


Just as you pay attention in selecting right high chair for newborn, you should place the similar effort in opting for the right set of food. You should opt for foods with immense nutrients, ones that include above mentioned vitamins, iron and calcium.